The report also notes

That the level of development of the distance learning market in the country directly affects the share of companies and customers willing to change the service provider. According to the research, 44% of companies using remote corporate training services are ready to change the service provider within two years. That’s why we constantly improve and refine our Teachbase distance learning product.


Complete Report

The report also tells that the industry of independent distance learning grew until 2014, but now we see the opposite picture. Globally this is due to the fact that users and companies are moving to more modern training systems, and emerging markets do not want to use old systems and immediately switch to new ones.


The report itself contains 69 pages, it is freely available.

The author of the report, Sam S. Adkins, points out that the financial statements of hundreds of local and international educational companies and technologies, as well as publishers of publicly available content and publishers, were studied in preparation.

Here are some additional facts from the report:

Of the 122 countries covered by Ambient Insight, 15 have a positive growth rate of more than 15% in five years. These countries are mainly concentrated in Asia and Africa. The only exceptions were Slovakia and Lithuania.
The revenue of the distance learning market in 11 of these fastest growing 15 countries will be below $ 20 million by 2021. Among them, Slovakia and Lithuania will become leaders with market revenues of $ 55.4 million and $ 36.5 million, respectively.


The growth rate of the market is negative in all regions

In Africa, the growth rate is stable and is 0.9%. The largest cumulative decrease is expected by the markets of Asia and Latin America: -11.7% and -10.8% respectively. The slowdown in the economic development of Brazil and Venezuela has become a defining factor for the distance learning market in Latin America.